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Ellipse MultiFlex + an innovative I2PL device using SWT technology and an outstanding ND:YAG laser in one. Ellipse MultiFlex + helps with a number of skin care issues from hair reduction to leg veins. A complimentary consultation and patch test will be required. 


Using I2PL technology, this is a safe and effective way of permanently reducing unwanted hair. With this clinically proven treatment hair is reduced after approximately 6 treatments. Results can vary from person to person and further treatment may be needed. Consultations are complimentary and a patch test is required before treatment can commence. 

Prices start from £50 per treatment


This Treatment uses I2PL to quickly and safely remove or decrease the size of thread veins. It is successful in treating common problems such as spider Nevis and cherry angiomas. Reducing and removing thread veins can help improve the skins texture and make the skin look brighter and younger. The amount of treatments may vary, however usually a minimum of 1-3 treatments are advised.​


Prices start from £35


Ellipse I2PL helps to rejuvenate the skin by helping to reduce the signs of sun damaged skin. This treatment will brighten the skin as well as improve texture by reducing age spots, uneven pigmentation and diffuse redness. 

A home skincare routine is recommended to maximise results. ​


Per Treatment (face only) - £100

Course of 3 treatments - £250

Per Treatment (face and décolleté) - £150

Course of 3 treatments - £400


Using Ellipse ND:YAG, this leg vein treatment uses a precisely calculated 

pulse of laser energy, exactly directed to the vessel being treated. This causes the blood inside the vessel to heat up; causing the wall of the vessel to collapse.

The vessel is reabsorbed naturally by your white blood cells. The skin surrounding the vessel is not affected by the treatment.​


Prices start from £150

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