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Laser Hair Removal

What machine do we use?

At Enhance, we continue to invest in new equipment and machines. And with vast research only use the best equipment possible to treat our clients, ensuring the safest and most clinically effective treatments possible. With this in mind, we use the UK’s most effective ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal technology by Lynton. Asirox® EVOLVE is a medical created device, used for hair reduction on all skin phototypes (Fitzpatrick I-VI), as well as treatment for pseudofolliculitis and hirsutism. EVOLVE utilises high-power technology for fast and effective laser hair removal.

Who is Lynton?

Lynton is an award-winning UK manufacturer, supplying medical-grade Laser technology to the aesthetics, conservation and surgical industry worldwide. Lynton have over 25 years experience manufacturing a broad range of aesthetic technologies and have won multiple awards for the quality, safety and clinical results achievable with their equipment. Lynton are also a leading supplier to the NHS & private healthcare. Their medical-grade aesthetic machines are medically CE marked to ensure medical-approved treatments. 

Consultations and treatment - 

This is a safe and effective way of permanently reducing unwanted hair. With this clinically proven medical grade treatment, hair is reduced after approximately 6 treatments. Results can vary from person to person and further treatment may be needed. Consultations and patch tests are free of charge and are required 1 week prior to treatment.

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